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Welcome to the Password generator website where you can easily generate a variety of password combinations using symbols, numbers and upper-case characters for your social media accounts, applications, website services and much more for free.

You have several options which you can use to create a strong password using the free service we offer at the website. To get started choose a password length by using the slider to increase or decrease the length of the password.

We recommend you use 8 characters or more to ensure you create a complex and secure password

which is harder to guess or hack by hackers or cyber criminals.

Once you have chosen the length you now need to include a symbol, number and upper-case character in the password.

After you have selected the options you need you can generate a secure and strong password

by choosing the generate password button. The result will then appear in the form below which you can then copy by choosing the copy password button

Please note we do not store and save any passwords you generate or create at this website

We hope you find the free password generator tool we offer useful. If you have any questions or feedback out the service, we offer please feel free to contact us at the website.

Advice For Creating A Secure Password

It is essential to ensure you take care of your digital security. Everything from banking, booking a holiday to ordering a pizza can be done online which makes life much easier however it also opens the door to the cyber criminals who are working 24/7, 365 days a year trying to obtain and access your personal data in order to generate a profit to fund criminal lifestyles and activities.

Your online security should be your number one priority. Don't less hackers of cyber criminals steal your life and identity.

Use the following Password tips will help you to create a strong and secure password in order to secure your personal data

1. Long Passwords

Cyber criminals will use various methods to try and get access to your account. One method used by hackers is called a brute force attack. This technique uses a computer program to run through thousands of possible combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols as fast as possible to crack your password. The longer and more complex your password is the more secure the password is and the less chance it has of been cracked by hackers using a brute force attack.

2. Use Random words And Phrases

Long passwords are great however long passwords that include random words and phrases will make it even more difficult for cyber criminals to crack. If your password includes letter combinations that are not in the dictionary, your phrases are not in published literature, and none of it is grammatically correct, your password will be much harder to crack.

3. Use Numbers, Symbols, Upper & Lower Letters

When you create a password use random symbols and numbers with letters. You could substitute a zero for the letter O or @ for the letter A, for example. If your password is a phrase, consider capitalizing the first letter of each new word, which will be easier for you to remember. The key here is to use a mix of numbers, symbols, upper- and lower-case letters for your password. Use a password that has at least 8 characters, use at least one number, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one special symbol.

4. Do Not Use Personal Information

If possible, avoid using personal information including your birthday, anniversary, address, city of birth or pets’ names in your password. Cyber criminals can easily view your digital and social footprint online which all can be accesses via your social media profiles and accounts.

5. Do Not Reuse Passwords

If a cybercriminal cracks one of your passwords the chances are you will have used the same password for other online services and accounts. Cyber criminals know this, don’t make it easy for them. If possible, use unique passwords for the different applications and services you use online.

6. Do Not Share Your Password

Don’t give your passwords to anyone else. Don’t type your password into your device if you are within plain sight of other people. Do not put your password on a sticky note on your work computer. Store all your passwords in a secure location which only you have access to. If possible, try to ensure that you encrypt the document where you store your passwords.

7. Change Your Password

Regularly Change your passwords every couple of weeks to keep them as safe as possible from cyber criminals.

8. Use A Password Manager

keeping track of all the different passwords you use for the various online services can be difficult. We recommend you use a password manager to store your password in a safe and secure place which you can easily access in order to log into your online services

9. Use Antivirus Software

Install Antivirus software on your computer. Install and use the latest upto date virus definitions as the software is only as good as the virus definitions you have downloaded and installed on your computer.

10. Keep Windows & Mac OS And Softare Upto Date

Try and enesure you are running the latet version of the Windows or MAC operating systems and the latest verisons of the software you have installed on your computer.

11. Do Not Open Dodgy Emails

If you don't know the person who has sent you the email don't open the email. Most email services do a good job at filtering out spam but some emails will get get through. Again, if you don't know the person who is sending the email do not open it.


Do You Store Passwords At The Website ?

We do not store any passwords you create or generate at this website

Is This Website Safe To Generatate Passwords ?

We have taken all the necessary security steps to ensure this website is safe as possible to use for generating secure passwords for the applications, social media accounts and website services you use.